Vent-Free Gas Logs FAQs:

Vent-free logs are rated as a heating appliance and do not require venting to the outside. Vented logs are rated as decorative and require venting to the outside. American Gas Log vented and vent-free logs are all certified by a qualified testing agency.

They normally use less gas than vented logs and produce more heat since no venting is required. They can be used in homes that do not have a masonry fireplace.

Yes. They can be vented or the damper can be closed and be burned as vent-free for an excellent source of heat.

No. Each log has a specific position and is certified by a testing agency in this position. Refer to the installation instructions for the correct set up of your vent-free log set.

This is not necessary. Pilot flames burn very little gas and serve as a convenience for easy relighting of the gas logs. If using a remote control or thermostat model, it would be necessary to leave the pilot on for the log set to function as it is designed.

Yes. Gas logs should be serviced at least annually by a qualified service person.

If the log set did not come with them, refer to your instruction manual or the call the manufacturer to be certain. Vent-free logs must be designed and certified to use glowing embers.

Hoods are designed to deflect heat from wood such as a mantel. Check the installation instructions for your log sets to see if the mantel height requires you to install a hood.

Split Rustic Oak

The SPLIT RUSTIC OAK vent-free log set combines authentic knotted log details with several split logs to compliment its rugged, rustic charms. Manufactured on our efficient, triple burner for enhanced flame. A Pine Cone Valve Cover (separate accessory purchase) compliments this naturally elegant log set. This log set features our efficient, triple burner for a brilliant flame.

Standard sizes are available in 18″, 24″ and 30” sets. Custom sizes may be available upon request.