Vent-Free Gas Logs

BEST FIRE by American Gas Log, premium vent-free gas logs combine warmth, luxury and efficiency with distinctive design elements. BEST FIRE’s clean-burning, efficient burner design combined with no outside venting requirement prevents heat loss and cold air drafts to keep your living area warm for only pennies an hour.

All BEST FIRE logs are molded with refractory cement from real logs hand-picked in nature for their unique, natural shapes and bark patterns. Our intricately hand-painted logs provide beautiful and realistic fireplace elegance truly Inspired By Nature.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • No mess, no ashes
  • Operate while the flue or damper is closed
  • Excellent source of supplemental heat
  • Hand-painted logs have intricate bark detail for natural looking logs
  • Thermostatic Remote Control accessory can be set to keep room at specified temperature


by American Gas Log