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BEST FIRE gas log accessories are available to enhance the look and enjoyment of our gas log sets, providing the ultimate in fireplace comfort and convenience.

Lava Rock | Silica Sand | Vermiculite | Kits

Replacement black lava rock to dress up the fire box around the pan.

Available for both Vented and Vent-Free* units.

*Decorative items used in Vent-Free units must only be used on the base/floor of the fireplace so as not to obstruct flame.

Replacement sand to refresh existing sand in the burner pan.

Available for Vented Natural Gas units only.

Includes additional components needed to make your existing single pan burner log set into a see-through set.
Special burner designed especially for see-through log sets.
Replacement vermiculite to refresh existing vermiculite in your LP Vented gas log set.

Available for Vented LP units only.

LP or Natural Gas Conversion Kits available.